Sunday, July 22, 2012

Market Integration!!

Fashion tip: I've found that a yellow shirt really brings out the yellow in my teeth.
   Hey everybody! It's me, Grant! Your favorite baby blogger and daddy! I wanted to let you know that those of us here at mykidisspecial have just completed an exhaustive market research session. In the process, I have learned that my readership demographics have drastically changed in the last few months! What fun!
   For the first few days it was just me reading the ol' blog. Over and over and over again, by myself. Waiting for a pageview. Then my mom learned about it! Soon, I had aunts reading, and then other people's moms and aunts were reading, and even a few grandmas!! What fun! Now my wife even reads it! Well, guess what!? It turns out that prospective parents - specifically, fathers-to-be - have started to read as well! (Hi Jeff!) I figure, as a public service to all of you that might be having a little Wyatt joining you soon, I should pass along some great products that we've found really useful. What fun!
   So let's start with the basics. Dr. Brown's Bottles. I kid you not, they are fantastic for two main reasons: 1) They have this straw/airflow system that drastically reduces the need to burp your baby WHILE letting the baby suck milk or formula more quickly, but more importantly 2) they have 5 pieces that you put together/take apart every time you want to clean it. This is important because you start to time yourself, and then you pretend like you are assembling/dissassembling a weapon like cool people always do in action movies. Trust me, there's nothing manlier than watching Die Hard Collection - Blu-ray - Action & Adventure on your La-Z-Boy Outdoor Isabella Deep Seating Set - Paprika - 4 pc. - Deep while assembling your Dr. Brown's Natural Flow 3-Pk. 4-Oz. Bottles after having made a great meal on you Hybrid Grill Infrared, Gas and Charcoal Cooking

(why did that last product end in .com?)

   Seriously though, the bottle has been very good to us. We actually have six of them, though we gave one to Wyatt's grandma for when she babysits. There's no better feeling than having 5 clean, ready-to-awesomely-assemble bottles to satisfy your grumpy, hungry baby. If there's one complaint we have with the bottle, it's that YOUR BABY WILL NEVER, EVER HOLD THE BOTTLE ON ITS OWN. EVER.

Also, my hand and wrist are basically just one big stump, apparently.

My mood: ashamed and sell-outy
Wyatt's mood: dangerous and bellie-button-outy
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