Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Knees Look Like Breasts

     Wyatt loves to Superman. Really, who doesn't? When I put him up on my knees or hold him above my head he gets a huge grin every time. I thought I'd try to get a picture of that, and then something different happened.

     When I put him on my knees, while laying on my back, I realized that I had never done this before while wearing shorts -- always pants. Through the camera, my knees kind of looked like hairy boobs.

As males, Wyatt and I are able to see boobs in anything

     Then!!! Wyatt might have thought they were hairy boobs!

Hair tastes bad, Wyatt.

  He sucked on my left knee for half a second, then quit and sucked on my right for half a second. I doubt he actually thought he might get milk out of those things, but I can dream.

     I made sure to get a non-pornographic shot or two, but he's not smiling nears as much as he usually does. Probably because of the disappointing day he just had.

Who put you in this collared onesie? Kind of weird, really.

     Ever read a post with the word "boobs" so many times?! Don't answer that, because it might reflect poorly on you. Really, this might get flagged for all sorts of naughty things by search engines...

     In a related note, I am still having a hard time finding jeans to fit me post-baby!! I'm not going to spring for 7's while at this size, so I might just stick to tried-and-true TruReligion. I don't know.

My mood: wanting to be shopping!
Baby's mood: he feels cheated
Listening to: coldplay


  1. You will probably get some interesting google hits on this post :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Grant, I just read through all of your "mykidisspecial" posts. I actually do follow mommy blogs, making this way hilarious. Did you do research on it or something?