Friday, September 28, 2012

Wyatt's First Birthday Party!! Wahoo!!

   What a great day!! Cara and I wanted to throw a fun little party for Wyatt's first birthday. By now you've probably seen the infamous moment that came out of the party, but there's still more great stuff!! We chose the theme "The Legend of Zelda." Now, people seem to question using the word "we" in that last line. I can honestly say she was the one that pitched it, and I was the one that ran with it. Since you probably don't know, and jokes are funniest when they have to be explained to everyone at the party, "Link" is the main character, the one pictured above (image found at zeldapedia, which is of course a real website). Link is trying to save Princess Zelda. 

   Cara had a lot of fun making his little tunic and his cute little hat. We even toyed with the idea of giving him little elf ears, but, really, he already has them (you're welcome, Wyatt!!) But, did you know that there are lots of things about The Legend of Zelda that translate really well to a birthday party!? Of course you didn't! You've never played the game, just like how none of the people that were actually at the party had played the game, save for my brother!! So, I'll explain everything in excruciatingly precise, embarrassing detail like I did to them, and you'll love it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Birthday Video

   Okay people!! The big day has come and gone, and little Wyatt is firmly entrenched in his second year of life. There's lots to share that I know you're just dying to see because my life is so dang exciting and rewarding. I mean, what else do you have to do besides read all about a one-year-old's video-game-themed birthday party?! Nothing! That's what I thought. (For what it's worth, I clearly have even less to do since I can plan the party and then blog it).

   But before we get to the good stuff, let's start with the great stuff. Meaning this video. This video is pretty great.

   I have a feeling this one's going down as family lore, to be laughed about forever - and replayed forever. Watch it again and see if you can pinpoint the exact moment that I was most frustrated with my wife...  it's tough to do but give it a shot.

   For what it's worth, the whole time I was thinking "well, I guess we'll blow out the candle for him, and she seems pretty careful not to put it too close." But then she scooted it closer. And then she took out his bink and the candle was still burning. Did she think that he'd know to blow it out?! We never really let him interact with fire, just to be clear.

   I am just so glad it happened, because Wyatt isn't burned and I can end any argument with "at least I didn't give a baby any sort of flame ever." Until I do something stupider, like encourage him to try to walk along the fence...

   We're good parents, okay!!

My mood: exhausted but happy
Wyatt's mood: stuff everywhere! (and no, he's not burned!!)
Listening to: ... um ... still zelda music, actually.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today's The Big Day!!

The party's about to start!!

   He's a year old!! The little guy has been all the way around the sun. There are no holidays he hasn't experienced (one of the advantages of being born during a calendar leap year). Our festivities are going to start in an hour or so, and I'll give you all the details on the big party when it's all said and done, but I wanted to make one quick post.
   Wyatt's not terribly camera shy, although his behavior does tend to change when he notices a camera on him. There's one main thing that he does all the time that I can never seem to get on film. He likes to take things - anything - and throw them over his shoulder. Dirt and small rocks are the most common projectiles, but he'll throw laundry and stuffed animals and smaller babies and everything.
   Well, a couple days ago, as if in honor of his birthday, he let me film it a lot. Let's watch together!!

   It's really pretty funny and adorable, as you can see. Here's another, closer one.

   Is there nothing this kid can't make cute?! I don't think so. Maybe racism.

Look at that hair!! Luckily I am a laid back, cool kinda dad that
doesn't care if it's going to take months to get the dirt out of his bed.

   The problem is, when it's all said and done his hair is basically half dirt. Even after a bath and a shower he still had dirt I couldn't get out of his long, light hair.

My mood: Happy birthday Wyatt!!
Wyatt's mood: What is going on around here?
Listening to: my final Zelda soundtrack

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Year of the Wyatt

In celebration of Wyatt's first birthday (only three days away!), I have sifted through our catalog of baby photos and tried to grab the best one from each month. Here's the growth of our little superstar in 13 adorable pictures:
September 2011
I actually took this on the day of his birth, with my not-at-all-a-smartphone. I know it's a bit blurry, but it might be my favorite picture ever.

 Also September, 2011
Okay, I am going to cheat and pick two pictures from our hospital stay. This one was also taken with my phone, and is probably my favorite picture ever.

October 2011

November 2011
It's like he's starting to wake up...

December 2011
Pretty mommy!!

January 2012
We'll assume they are looking at Baby Einstein stuff...

February, 2012
The infamous newsie outfit.

Also February, 2012
keep scrolling

 March 2012

April 2012

May 2012
"Wyatt and Isla are best friends!" says oldest cousin Elsie.

June 2012

July 2012
Ignore the, um, lack of a left hand here...

August 2012
Okay people, August was a ridiculously cute month for this kid. I had such a hard time picking out one photo. I know you've seen this one before, but sheesh.

September 2012
Gah!! Look at how big he's getting!! It's really started to hit me these
last couple weeks how not-really-tiny he is these days.

   Thanks for the memories, little guy!! We can't wait until you start talking and pick up dirty words from your mom, it will be so fun!!
   If you feel like you want more pictures, I will upload the whole file of top-pictures-of-the-year to My Kid Is Special's Facebook Page. Yes, the little baby has his own page, get over it. You can click this link to find that page, or you can also use the "like" button posted on the right somewhere. What fun we've had this year!!

My mood: nostalgic
Wyatt's mood: sleepy sleepy
Listening to: the dishwasher

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You're Kind Of Invited!!

   Wow! The big day is quickly approaching. On Sunday, September 23rd, little baby Wallet will turn one year old! We here at MKIS have a bunch planned for the week, so make sure you check in often. We might even update more than once every two days!!
   Cara and I were discussing birthday themes for the little guy. Ideas such as "dragons," "race cars" and "The Three Amigos" were bandied about, but the one that got her the most excited was The Legend of Zelda. I'm not kidding. It was her idea. She's never even played a Zelda game, just watched me play through two or three of them.

Yeah, we know the picture has a bit of an "Adam and Eve/Fall of Man" feel to it. Get over it.

   So on Sunday we're having everybody over!! And you're invited, if you got an invitation! If you didn't you're not!! But that's okay, because you can still experience all the fun right here! So, you are invited to come read my blog, which is an invitation I don't give to just anyone.

   This day has long been foretold. On the day he was born, September 23rd 2011, my wife made a proclamation. Almost a prophecy of sorts. Wyatt was maybe seven hours old, and Cara said "isn't it weird to think that in a year, he'll be a year old?!" My response? "No! That's not weird! That's counting!"

My mood: super excited!!
Wyatt's mood: unaware!!
Listening to: Another Zelda soundtrack

Monday, September 17, 2012


   I keep telling myself the same old lie. A couple of lies, really. The first, and most common is "today might be the day." Today might be the day he opens those two adorable little hands, grabs on to that which he wants so badly, and drinks from it. I've seen him grab things. I know he can do it.

   No, today is not the day.

Ok, let's try again.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!

A picture my mom put on the facebook of me
as a youngun. Some say Wyatt and I look alike...

   Wahoo!! It's not every day that you turn somewhere-between-the-ages-of-24-and-32, and Friday September 14th was my special day!

Having a birthday within the first two weeks of September can be a bit rough. There is so much transitioning that happens during this time of year, particularly with school and football, that it can get shuffled, overlooked, or completely lost. It's something I have grown accustomed to. But when I walked into my classroom this morning, ready to teach the workers of tomorrow all they'd need to know about algebra, what did I find!?

A Happy Birthday balloon on my birthday!? What at treat!!
     I couldn't believe it! Someone at school knew it was my birthday, snuck into my room before 7:20 am, and left this one balloon floating by itself in the corner. ... ... wait, that doesn't make any sense. Oh, right. It was a student's birthday yesterday, and this was left behind. His mom brought him cupcakes and pizza. Oh well, I can still pretend it was for me, right!! Yay!!
   I go through the day, hoping that the topic of "birthdays" will somehow come up organically, but alas. It was not meant to be. Still, what can I expect when I am at a new school, and things are just getting started for the year.
   I go home and check my facebook (which I never ever do at work ever) and there are OVER TWELVE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! I'm so glad all my friends remembered and took the time to think of me!! I am not great about doing that for others, so it's appreciated. But, even better than facebook: When I got home, my mom and baby Wyatt were there. The house was cleaned, including the hadn't-been-touched-in-four-days kitchen, and mom had gotten a carpet cleaner to take care of all of our new baby-induced stains!! It was sooooo appreciated. Cara had been wanting the house and carpets cleaned for quite some time, and now they were!! Yay!! But then something even more magical was about to happen!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playtime in the Backyard!!

Look at all those apples!! I hope they taste delicious!

   Sometimes mom comes home from a long day of work and needs a nap. Sometimes mom wakes up from a long nap and needs a nap. We don't question these things. But Wyatt and I have lots of fun without her!!

   If Wy is ever stressed or upset at all, going outside almost always calms him down. He likes the change of scenery, fresh air, grass to pull and things to explore. What a little adventurer I have raised! I bet he grows up to be a logger. Anyways, we like to do all kinds of fun things!

There are some really low hanging apples he likes to hold. He won't grab them or pull or anything, just cup his hands around them. I bet he grows up to work on a farm.

Sometimes, he'll just play around the deck! Like in this really entertaining video!

   The commentary that I add is what really makes those things worth it.

   I also had a great video of us playing soccer together!! But I can't find it. sadface. I'll just have to describe it to you with words, like they used to in the olden days: There we were. The pitch freshly cut, ready for battle. Wyatt wants the ball, he runs up to it, and daddy kicks it away! This happened over and over with lots of giggles! You'd have to see it to really appreciate it!!

   Look at all the stuff you miss out on while napping, mom! I hope "making money" and "keeping insurance" is worth it. I'll leave that up to you to decide, as you make dinner.

My mood: what fun!!
Wyatt's mood: what fun!!
Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perfectly Legal Adventures

   We have a few heavy duty pieces of baby gear. Beyond just a crib and a Pack N Play and a manlyvan. No, I'm talking about the jogging stroller and the bike trailer.

   The jogging stroller is perfect for the active parent on the go. It turns quick, rolls away from you so you have to chase it, and can carry your mail! Wyatt and I go for runs probably nine times a week, and I can almost make it around the whole block now. Talk about some serious equipment.

But, it pales in comparison to the almighty bike trailer.

So... here's the thing about bike trailers and babies. Um, there's a big gray area, we'll call it. In the great state of Oregon (easily one of the top five states touching the Pacific Ocean, which is easily the best ocean), no one under the age of 16 can ride a bike without a helmet. This includes kids in bike trailers or in a bike basket or whatever.

BUT! Babies under the age of two (it doesn't apply to just babies - anyone under the age of two) can't wear a helmet. At least, that is what we've been told or heard. It's sort of like the "do you need a lifejacket if you are floating in a personal innertube" law that no one is really clear on and no one ever actually tries to look into. So he's too young to ride without a helmet, but also too young to wear a helmet. Hmm.

I think I've worked out a solution to the problem, however:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Can Tell That I'm A Good Bloggy, I Mean Mommy! No, Wait, Daddy!! I Meant Daddy!!

Sadly, he never pointed the hose towards his face. I was ready to turn it on and have some fun!!

   There's a lot of pressure, writing an up-and-coming blog that gets OVER THIRTY HITS PER WEEK!! With each post, I am opening up my life to the world, inviting judgement and ridicule. It's stressful, people!! Everyone forms their opinions about my parenting, my sense of style, how my home is decorated, and how big of a loser I am.

   Luckily, blogging and parenting have a lot of overlap. I mean, like any good parent, whenever I see something important happening -- be it day-to-day stuff, super cute stuff, or potentially dangerous stuff -- I do what any good parent does: I run and grab the camera.

Some light reading? Check.

Did you just wake up?! Are you really sad? Are you about to fall off the bed?
Let me grab the camera before I console you.

That basketball is as big as you are!! Good thing I was so prepared with a camera!!

Yeah, I know you've been fussy for like three minutes, but I couldn't miss a shot this good! Just be patient!

   See. I told you I was good at being a parent and a bloggy. It's obvious that I care so much about his well-being that I'd do anything to get attention from it. How else can you turn something bad into something good?

   Luckily, I also catch a few firsts, like when Wyatt really understood how a high-five works:

   (The best thing about that video? I wasn't wearing 
   any pants. In fact I'm still not.)
   What's that? You want to know what he's wearing?
   We call it his lizard cape.

My mood: happy to be so good at what I do!
Wyatt's mood: sick of the camera
Listening to: Blink-182