About The Mommy!! (updated!!)

That dog does not belong to the people in that picture.

     If you were to spend five minutes with Cara and her husband, you would be struck by one thing: She will laugh at anything he says or does. Anything. Often, she isn't laughing because her husband is being funny, but simply because that's what she does. She has a Pavlovian response to his antics that causes her friends to shake their heads in disbelief, and gives her husband way too much confidence.
     The pharmacist mother lives in perpetual fear that her husband will one day go too far. That he'll post something that gets him sent to jail, removed from the family, or involves their address and social security numbers. She is not unfounded in these fears.
     Cara puts up with a lot at home, but she loves her kids and her husband and likes nothing more than to be home, cuddling with the former and being waited on by the latter. She hogs the covers at night and has unreasonable expectations about how clean the bathrooms should be,

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