Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best Pictures: January - April 2013!!

   "You write too much and are boring."
       -Cara Gilchrist


    (She doesn't mean I spend too much time writing, she means my blog posts have too many words. TL;DR would sum it up nicely).

(This one might actually be from November, there's no way of knowing)

I love having my photo taken!
Stop taking my photo!!

There was no coffee in this cup, and McDonalds is not paying me to post this

Sick bear needs a tissue

Sick bear needs a kiss

No Caption. Deal with it. 
A picture in a picture!? What!?


Cleaning his trailer

These leaves want to be over there

I can't explain why I love this photo so much, but I am sure it involves that hair.

Funny expression!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Real Mistake!!

He was happy here. Before the mistake. 

   I've never really messed up with Wyatt. I didn't announce this fact to anyone, because if you claim perfection, the first time to you let your kid run into the street or put spoiled milk in his bottle or let him eat paint or something, people are all over you. So I've been biding my time, thinking to myself "wow it's been over 18 months and I've never bumped his head into a beam or dropped him from my shoulders or given him a black eye or anything!" Sure, there've been little things like letting him crawl off our bed when he was super young, or running his head into a corner VERY SLOWLY (it was more of a turn than a run), but nothing major.

   Well, the streak is over, so now I can talk about it. The streak ended in dramatic, humiliating fashion:

   I locked Wyatt in the car.

   Oh, and the keys too. The keys were also locked in the car.

He's screaming "Let me out!!" He can't even say those words but that's what he was saying. (Although, it wasn't exactly like this. He was in his carseat, he wasn't driving, and I wasn't calm enough to take a photo)

   I had just picked up Wyatt from my parent's house. I had gotten off work and was home, ready to clean the house do some dishes watch Castle. Usually I park the manlyvan in the driveway, run to the house and unlock it, go back and grab the Wy Guy. Well, the baby was especially fussy and clingy today, so I decided I'd grab him first. Now, every time I have gotten out of the car to get Wyatt up to this point, I haven't locked anything and I usually leave the driver's door open, so that no one can get locked in anywhere. I didn't do that this time, for some reason, and when I went to open his door it was locked. I checked my pockets and hands: no keys. I tried the other doors: locked. I looked in and saw the keys in the ignition.

   No keys. Locked house. Locked car. Baby in car.

   Oh dang it my phone is in my car too.

   I was not at all sure what to do. I spent the first few minutes just trying to entertain and calm Wyatt down. Little did I know he was already really calm. He just sat there and stared at me, clearly thinking "Mom is way better than you are at pretty much everything except for dancing and even that she's catching up in" and it made me sick. I realized I needed to get him out.
   I was able to get into our house, even though it was locked, through super secret methods that I will not tell you on the internet but it did involve some gymnastics and a little hacking probably too so you should be impressed! We don't have a landline in our house, but I do have Google Phone, so I looked up Triple-A, gave them a call to come get me out (luckily we are AAA members) and then ran back to the front to entertain Wyatt.

   He was asleep!! The little kid just conked right out. And he slept the whole time. The AAA hero showed up, unlocked the car through his hacking and gymnastics, and I got the baby safely inside where he was loved and protected and nurtured and we watched Castle.

   So, I guess this takes me out of the "dad of the year" conversation (and it's only April), but I'd rather be honest about my shortcomings one single shortcoming than be deceitful to win an award I probably deserve anyways.

   My mood: ashamed but relieved
   Wyatt's mood: judegemental
   Listening to: Maroon 5