Monday, July 30, 2012

A Disconcerting Trend

   My parents got us a wonderful screw-on high chair for our baby shower. It's been a fantastic piece of equipment, because it attaches to any surface with some sort of lip (like a table or most countertops), and can travel to restaurants, other people's houses, and on vacation and such.

   As you can see, it gets very messy. Wyatt likes to try and eat the high chair while eating food. The cloth comes off, so you can easily wash it ten to fifteen times per day! And you'll probably have to!

   But lately, little baby Wyatt has started to make us pretty nervous.

Crawl to the knife, Wyatt! Or... gosh, are those giant hedge trimmers in the background?

   That's right. Little baby Wallet, who can walk on his own now, likes to stand up and crawl out of his chair. It's terrifying!! Sometimes he just crawls on the counter, which is... okay... but sometimes he leans over the edge!! Gah!
   The chair even comes with little belts to strap him in, but he squirms out of them. I can just see the headline now: Irresponsible, Awful Father Let's Baby Fall On Head While Playing Tetris. Mother Could Have Done Better.

   Now let's get one thing straight: I think that's a bed headline, because it is not clear which of us was playing Tetris. If Wyatt could play that wonderful little game successfully, then I think that's a bigger deal than him falling off a high-chair! Now let's get a second thing straight: Yeah, I get it. Wyatt only really needs a mother at this point in his life. She's the one that he cries for and she's the one that they synchronized their periods with while he was in the womb, or whatever, but I am doing just fine!

   For example, I am the one that put that adorable little bib on him in the first place, and I am the one that paused to take a picture of him standing precariously in his clip-on high chair. So I think it's clear that I know what I am doing, and don't need any innate sense or some sort of biological something to get through a day with a ten month old.

We tend to dress alike - because that's adorable
My mood: scared!!
Wyatt's mood: fearless!!
Listening to: Kenny G

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