Monday, July 23, 2012

Are You Seriously Not Going To Pick Up That Bottle?!?!

This is an artistic expression of the sentiments in this house.

   What is it going to take?
   I don't think I can let you starve, but the only way you'll learn to hold your own bottle is if you have to. Necessity is the mother of invention is the phrase I just made and should always get credit for, and it directly applies here!

   So this happens.

   And we're kind of close, but no nourishment is entering any mouths anywhere. So I try this.

   Which just isn't sustainable. And once he's drunk enough formula to get past the nipple (hahahaha), he can't get to the rest. There's no tipping of the bottle! It all leads to this (watch up until the first minute, then do as you please):

   I would ask for your advice, but it's not like it matters, you'll give it to me anyways. Everybody has advice for every baby problem on the planet. Well we are doing just fine on our own, Michelle, and don't really need to know that if we held him upside-down by his ankles he'd pull the bottle to his mouth. Also we've tried.

My mood: perplexed
Wy's mood: legos!!
Listening to: The Killers

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