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When you have a baby, you spend a lot of time sitting, standing, or rocking in one place. Baby’s hungry and needs to be fed, baby wants to be held, baby fell asleep, baby wants to watch TV real bad. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix since the baby was born, and have a great list of shows that are worth watching. Check ‘em out! (I’ll update the list as I find more)

Shows Cancelled Way Too Soon

Arrested Development – You’ve probably seen this cancelled-too-early gem that everyone loves. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Make sure you get to the second season, which is the funniest season in TV history. If you have seen it, watch it again because you will find new jokes and laugh all over again.

Firefly – This show is hit-or-miss for a lot of people. The easiest way to describe it is a Western in space that was also cancelled too early. Watch the first three episodes before you judge, but know that it is goooooood.

SportsNight – Aaron Sorkin’s story of a Sportscenter-esque show trying to survive. It’s witty, quick, funny and compelling, and features a lot of people walking and talking. Two seasons, watch both. Wow, every show I recommend was cancelled after one or two seasons. Maybe I should watch these shows as they air?

Freaks and Geeks - Ugh. Probably the greatest only-one-season show in history. It was the launching pad for all kinds of talent, and is the best, most honest portrayal of life in high school that I have ever seen. Watch this show and then lament the fact that there was only one season of it.

Shows I Will Watch Over And Over
30Rock – Starts a bit slow but turns into a consistently hilarious show. Probably my favorite show ever. It's called a "Real-life-Simpsons" because of how fast it moves and how quickly the plot can shift is focus.

Sherlock – A BBC take on Sherlock Holmes in present-day London. Extremely smart and loads of fun.

Futurama – Not everyone likes this show, but it’s one of my favorites, and there are a lot of them.

Monk – Fun, happy and smart. It’s a very consistent pleaser.

The Office (British Version) – Depressingly real and painful, but so so funny and made very well.

The IT Crowd – A British show about two IT workers and their new boss. The first season is passable but then the second and beyond are hysterical. Watch watch watch.

Scrubs - Another show some people love to hate, but for seven seasons it was funny and moved quick.

Parks and Rec - a show that has no business being as funny as it is. Give it some time to get comfortable in its skin, because it can be hilarious after that first season.

Recent Discoveries

Life - A cop was wrongly sent to jail for ten years, proved his innocence and then sued. He now has 50 million dollars and his old job back, and then the show gets going. Cancelled after two seasons, and cancelled too soon.

Friday Night Lights - Just an absurdly good drama about high school football in Texas. The marriage between the coach and his wife is one of the best on television.

Parenthood - So, pretty much everyone from Friday Night Lights, actors and writers, went and made a great, honest show about family life.

Shows My Wife Watched A Lot

Psych - The fake psychic and his actually black friend solve crimes. Fun and silly.

Merlin - The young wizard is a servant for soon-to-be-king Arthur. Very kid/family friendly.

Lie to Me - A man can tell when someone is lying by their facial ticks and physical clues, and runs a consultant company for this service. Only two seasons, but very good.

Keeping Up Appearances - take the worst things about every mom/aunt/grandma ever, roll them into one character, and watch the comedy ensue. You'll feel like you're 40 when you watch it, but it can be oh-so-funny.

Bones - she watched a lot of Bones.

Shows Worth Watching For Sheer Volume Alone
Battlestar Gallactica (get through the first full season and it really picks up)
Law and Order
Law and Order Criminal Intent (don’t watch too many in a row or you’ll get depressed)
Frasier (still funny)
The Wonder Years (still fantastic)
The Office (American version)

Kids Shows That Are Fun For Us!!!!
Avatar, The Last Airbender – This is the first show on the list that I am hesitant to recommend. You might not like children’s cartoons!?  But it is fun, smart and has fantastic animation. Try a few episodes, but know that the storylines all get better and all get tied up in a satisfying way.

Phineas and Ferb – A relentlessly upbeat, charming show that is clever and funny

Spongebob – Uhh… I like it

Shows That I Shouldn't Recommend Because You Will Judge Me
Portlandia - The show about Portland that is eerily accurate.

Archer - a super spy and super narcissist. Funny. (Cartoon)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - There are some episodes that I laugh hysterically at the whole time, and some that I can't finish. For example, on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia you should watch season 6's The Gang Buys a Boat, or season 5's World Series Defense to see two of the funniest episodes of TV I can remember. Then judge me a lot.

Children's Hospital - Each episode is 15 minutes long and packed with jokes and references. It can be off-putting, but is consistently hilarious. It's about a children's hospital and its characters, including a doctor in clown makeup who uses "The healing power of laughter" instead of the healing power of medicine.

Shows I Have Never Watched But Come Highly Recommended
Breaking Bad
Louis (realistic, crass comedy about Louis CK raising his daughters and trying to date again).
The Walking Dead
Mad Men
Bob's Burgers (I hear it's one of the best comedies on TV right now)
West Wing

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