About The Baby!! (updated!!)

     Lincoln James Gilchrist is just the cutest!! He's the sort of cute baby that, when you see him you say "okay that's a cute baby," because lots of other babies you just say are cute so their parents can keep up the illusion. No, Link has true cuteness all over; from his perfect little nose to his tiny little lips. He was born with dark hair and a personality that other babies really gravitate towards.
     But it's not just looks! It's charm too. He's just so smart! At 4 hours old he was thinking about colors! He once told his mom to stop crying. He's pretty much better than all the other babies his age or a little older.
     He was born December 11th or 5th or something, 2014, in Eugene Oregon. He's called "Link" by his dad and "Baby Winkin" by his toddler brother. He loves to sleep, gets startled by absolutely every sudden sound, and has almost no fine motor skills or bow hunting skills.

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