About The Big Boy!! (new!!)

I know this picture makes it look like Wyatt is taller than most trees. This is not an illusion.

     Wyatt Conrad Gilchrist is -- wait, is this right -- over three years old?! That's insane. With a new baby in the house, he seems twice as old as he did even days before little Lincoln came. Outrageous. He loves cars and trains, but his favorite game is Fire Trucks. This involves driving fire trucks around the house for hours. Not racing, not putting out fires, just driving and making siren noises. It kills his dad's back, ears, and spirit, but dad does it anyways because he is that great.
     Wyatt would rather live without a shirt and pants and be cold than any alternative. He loves milk and his mom and playing with his dad. He's a great big brother and a horrible driver. His art might just be brilliant but is probably just scribbles. He absolutely adores making friends and playing with them.

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