Monday, July 9, 2012

The 4th of July!!

   Wyatt is just flying through all of his first holidays!! He even got a leap year on his first try!! The Fourth of July was just a few days ago, and boy did he look the part!! It's tough not to well up with patriotic pride when our back-fence neighbor has been flying the ol' stars and stripes with such reckless abandon.

   Our neighbor ("Walt" I think was his name -- nice guy) actually moved his flag pole from behind a tree that had overgrown it, then sent up these colors, which, by the way, don't run. The flag has been blowing in the breeze and alerting planes of the windspeed for about a month now.

   But Wy looked like a little flag himself!

The hat says "Back To Back World War Champs." It is his uncle's.

   Oversize collared shirts just never go out of style, do they little baby!? I know you're wondering "But Grant, what on earth did you wear for the festive occasion?" I actually have no idea anymore, as it was like 5 days ago now, but I think it was red athletic shorts and a white shirt, backed by a blue sky. Red white and blue!!
   The next day, we kept that plaid-short-train rolling, I threw on a better-fitting polo shirt, and his favorite fishing hat, and I got a few pictures of him standing!!

   Well, really, it's more like he is standing and longing for that which he cannot have. Electricity. And ohmygoshwhatisupwithhishand!?

   Wy's mood: proud
   My mood: proud
   Listening to: That song about putting the boot in the terrorists' ass cause it's the American way.

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