About The Blogger!! (updated!!)

     When Grant started this blog, he was a mostly stay-at-home dad while his wife was a work-at-work mom. He taught a couple classes, tutored, subbed, and Nintendoed. Lately, he's been teaching full time at Marist High School, where his students simultaneously adore and detest him. He is considered on of the top 8 math teachers at the school, and there are only 6. 
     Grant is probably the best dad in the world. That includes you, if you are a dad, and includes your dad, if he is a dad too. Get over it. There is a lot of evidence to support this claim, most of which is found in the text of this blog. For example, his oldest son, Wyatt, has only fallen out of the window of the house twice. So, clearly, Grant is pretty good at this thing.
     Grant made this blog so that there'd be a record of his sons' lives for ever and ever, or until civilization collapses and takes the internet with it. Whichever comes first. His grandma recently told him he "always had a sick sense of humor," and she didn't mean "sick" in the way the kids do these days. He's proud of who he is. He just uses an 8-year-old profile picture to remind you of who he was, that's all.
     He's just like you and me, trying to make his way in a strange new world. Let's just all thank him for allowing us to watch him along the way. Thank you, Grant.

- Written by Grant


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