Friday, July 13, 2012

Embarassing Moments!!

   Wow. I try my best. I really do. Feeding and changing and clothing and everything that goes with having a baby.

   So imagine my heartbreak when my dad, Wyatt's grandpa, films me as I feed Wyatt. "That's fun!" I innocently thought, "just getting some footage of dad feeding baby while he chomps down on some nutritious "Chicken Dinner" from a jar. My dad even has a slight grin on his face throughout the filming, as I talk to Wyatt and get the job done. Boy was I wrong.
   Only later, as the whole entire family is laughing at me do I realize his ulterior motives.

   My dad: You do something that you don't know you do. Watch:

   Did you catch it? Of course you did, you're a jerk just like everybody else. So I guess I open and close my own mouth with Wyatt's while feeding him. How hilarious! Let's bring that up every family reunion, why not!?
   It wouldn't be so funny if I was facing Wyatt while feeding him, like I usually am. It makes perfect sense that I'd try to mime the motions he should take! But no, let's ignore the logic and continue to mock me as I care for a life.

   Then he showed me the longer one.

   Thanks guys! You're the best!!

   My mood: humiliated
   Grandpa's mood: triumphant
   Wyatt's mood: happy happy fun time!
   Listening to: hammock mix


  1. They would stop laughing if they all filmed themselves feeding Wyatt. I do this myself and remember thinking about it before. I think it's common--we must be willing them to open and close their little mouths!