Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Breakthroughs!!

  Goodness, every day truly is another miracle when there's a baby in your life, or when there's a Cinnabon near your house. A lot has been going on in our household lately, so let's not waste any time and get to it!

   First off, Wy has been flirting with walking for a few weeks now. I posted some videos of him standing and taking a few steps recently, but at the time both of those activities required a lot of encouragement.

   No more.

   This video was taken at Wyatt's Great-Grandparent's house (Cara's Gramma). I wasn't even around for it!  (FYI, the action doesn't start until about 30 seconds in)

   Did you see that!? My little baby can walk, all just because he saw some knobs on a drawer and wanted to get to them! (The kid loves knobs). This was taken maybe two or three days ago. Wyatt really likes his GreatGrandparents, and he seems especially active there.

   Then this happened last night:

   Bang! Take that mom, who was nowhere in sight!! I guess it is I, daddy, who was present for the greatest triumph of his life to date, and I bet he'll remember that forever. In ten years we'll be arguing around the kitchen table about whether or not dad is better than mom, and even though I'll totally be winning anyways, I can sneak and "And, mom wasn't even around when you learned to walk!" Victory.
   I wonder who regrets having a job now?!

   But that's not all. As the super fans of My Kid Is Special undoubtedly remember, (because I bring it up ALL THE TIME), Wyatt refuses to hold his own bottle. Well, we made a small step for mankind today on our trip to Talbots I mean Kohls The Home Depot:

   Wha!?!? He's holding his sippy cup to his mouth, and tilting it up so he can consume beverage!! This might be the happiest day of my life apart from that one time I beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in 5th grade. (This isn't even a good picture, as he was holding it up WAY further today!)
   I am the best freaking dad ever.

My mood: I feel like the best freaking dad ever.
Wyatt's mood: ready to take on the world!
Listening to: Foster The People


  1. LOL I love that instead of just pausing and restarting the recording, Cara put the camera down...

    & in the 2nd video, Wyatt didn't look like Wyatt for the first 5 seconds so for a little while, I thought you just took a video of a random baby walking off youtube or something to use... is it sad that I wouldn't put that past you?

    1. Seriously, Cara is a technology pro! Although, the camera I was using for my video was on a weird setting which turned everything orangey-yellow.
      But in terms of me using a fake baby, absolutely within the realm of possibility. In fact I'd say it's pretty much guaranteed to happen again.

  2. This Auntie is just bursting with pride!