Monday, December 12, 2011

Keeping Fit

     It's tough to take care of a baby and keep your figure. Everyone knows this. And we want our spouses to still love the way we look!! So I'm working hard at staying active while taking care of precious little wyatt. That can take a lot of different forms:

 - You can always go for a stroll (walking or joggin)

 - The Wii has a bunch of great exercise games! You just need to right equipment. My kangaroo pouch does just the job, to let me play Wii Fit or Just Dance 2 (Just Dance Forever!) while baby sleeps! (Nintendo sells one of these just for mommies and babies, for only $95! I love it!)
Me doing some yoga on Wii Fit. Wyatt sleeping like the baby that he is!

Now we're playing Just Dance, and I almost got a perfect score!

Just Dance from the front. Workin' it!!
These are the moves I am trying to copy from the screen. You should try it sometime! It's super fun.

     Of course there are lots of other options. Get out there and try them!!!

Wyatt's Mood: sleepy
My mood: sweaty!!

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