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   Wow!! So, you're new here!! Or maybe you're just bored and clicking links to kill time!! That's great!! Here's a few things you should know to help you get started at My Kid Is Special!!

1)   I love exclamation points!! (I am also fond of italics)

2)   If you want a place to start and get a feel for the magic that happens here at My Kid Is Special, these are the most popular, loved, and informative posts. Check 'em out!

3)   For legal reasons, I should tell you that most of the stuff I say on here isn't serious. If it sounds mean or illegal or bad, it's probably not true. And when I say "for legal reasons," I really mean "so that when my wife finally has had enough I can say "I was just kidding!" and have proof."

4)   My Kid Is Special is updated almost every day!! I mean, it's never updated on Thursdays because screw that day and definitely never more than twice in a week unless something major has happened, and I occasionally go weeks at a time without updating because a new video game comes out I'm remodeling the kitchen with my bare hands or something, and sometimes I write a post and then forget to hit the "publish" button and sometimes I use run-on sentences, but beyond that it's updated almost every day.

5)   I love making lists and numbering them.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like and share it with all of your nieces on facebook!

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