Why Ads?!

   "Why ads?"  It's a question that I see posed on many blogs that feature advertisements. They usually say something like "because I want to try and make money" in some less callous fashion.
   But I think they are missing the point. Why ads? What is the purpose behind them? Why do we, as a society succumb to them? How have they become the primary economic tool of our age? Don't you see? The question "Why ads?" isn't meant to explain away the presence of a new weight loss pill, but to explore who we are as a society.
   Why ads? Because we've become a society beholden to the image. The image of self, yes, of course. But also the literal image, that which we see. They pierce our every corner of modern life. They inundate us with ideals, opinions, statistics and facades, all meant to sway our opinion and our credit cards. Why do we do it to ourself? Why do we allow it to happen?
   Why ads?

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