Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Auntie Ashley Got Married, so Wy Got Dressed Up!!

I don't know if you've heard the biggest news in Eugene, but Wyatt's auntie Ashley got married!! What a perfect opportunity to dress up all adorbs!! Hope you can handle this (but you probably can't).

Just after getting dressed at home and seeing how stinkin' cute today was going to be. Don't worry, the room is very clean in the background, no need to check.

Well, this is pretty fun.

The groom and groomsmen in the background. Kirk, Wyatt's new uncle (pronounced "Kowik") gave all his groomsmen and none of his brothers-in-laws sweet longboards as presents.

Strolling to a his business-school presentation in a half an hour.

He actually found this photo-shoot setting on his own...

... and promptly struck some model poses

Holy crap this kid is cute.

No big deal, just cruisin'.

Wy on a longboard while the wedding party preens for the camera. If only we had some video of his first time trying to longboard!

Here's some video of Wyatt's first time trying to longboard:

Look out, Tony Hawk!! It's crazy that I have to mention you because no one know any other skateboarders except for maybe Kirk he might know a couple.

My mood: proud of my genes!
Wyatt's mood: working on that balance.
Listening to: Neil Diamond


  1. Thanks for the overdose of cuteness. I'm going to have to go look at some pictures of ugly kids now to get my own balance back.

    1. I know I know I probably should have attached some sort of warning in there. If you're having problems finding pictures of ugly people, the second picture here should get the job done:

  2. whoa he's good at skateboarding! no sarcasm, dead serious. i also suck at skateboarding, so...

    1. He's actually always had pretty good balance, Hera. I was impressed with his first go at it. He's much more coordinated at 2 than I was at 12.