Friday, September 28, 2012

Wyatt's First Birthday Party!! Wahoo!!

   What a great day!! Cara and I wanted to throw a fun little party for Wyatt's first birthday. By now you've probably seen the infamous moment that came out of the party, but there's still more great stuff!! We chose the theme "The Legend of Zelda." Now, people seem to question using the word "we" in that last line. I can honestly say she was the one that pitched it, and I was the one that ran with it. Since you probably don't know, and jokes are funniest when they have to be explained to everyone at the party, "Link" is the main character, the one pictured above (image found at zeldapedia, which is of course a real website). Link is trying to save Princess Zelda. 

   Cara had a lot of fun making his little tunic and his cute little hat. We even toyed with the idea of giving him little elf ears, but, really, he already has them (you're welcome, Wyatt!!) But, did you know that there are lots of things about The Legend of Zelda that translate really well to a birthday party!? Of course you didn't! You've never played the game, just like how none of the people that were actually at the party had played the game, save for my brother!! So, I'll explain everything in excruciatingly precise, embarrassing detail like I did to them, and you'll love it!

    Here was the dessert, juice and "prop" table. (There was another table with pizza, salad and other food, so don't think it was a totally lame party). If you look more closely...

  In the games, red potion gives you back health. This is not actual red potion, just cranberry juice with 7-up. Wow!! Way to go, totally awesome parents!!

   Rupees are the currency of the world Link lives in (called Hylia, usually, but you don't care about that. Or probably any of this.). Different colors are worth different amounts of money. In the game, Link can often get rupees by cutting down grass and finding them laying around, hence the green frosting. Clever, Cara!!

Look at all that money. Those orange cupcakes are worth like 50 rupees!! Wow!!

   Link, despite being the hero of all the games, is kind of a jerk sometimes. If he sees a pot, he'll grab it, throw it, and then collect whatever was inside it after it breaks. It's usually things like health and rupees. We were going to put chocolate hearts (for health) and more ring pops inside, but just landed on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups because holy crap those things are good. Cara paper mache'd the pot around an inflated balloon, the resourceful girl. Are you starting to gather that I really had very little to do with this party?

   Look at how well the pot worked!!

   Maybe if Garrett were stronger he could have broken the pot on his first try. I would be embarassed for Garrett, or even for myself and my stupid commentary, but luckily there was a girl that said "Ree-see's" when the candy came out, which is pretty inexcusable.


   We also took a couple of Wyatt's bottles and turned them into Lon Lon Milk containers. In Zelda games, glass bottles are extremely useful for holding red potion, bugs, milk, or whatever. Lon Lon Milk gives Link his health back. You don't care but this is cool, okay!!

   So, to try and paint the whole picture for you, as people were getting acquainted with the game items we had brought to life, I also had music from the video game playing in the background. There was an orchestral soundtrack released with the latest Zelda game, as well as a few blokes out in England that have taken the time to orchestrate an insane amount of Zelda music. I picked out a few of the more relaxing, enjoyable tracks, but was still mocked pretty mercilessly for just having it in the first place. 

    There are treasure chests all throughout Zelda games, with the bigger ones always holding the best stuff, like a bow and arrow or a sweet shield or something. Luckily, my sister Ashley had just a few months ago given us a chest she found in her attic!! So, what'd we put in our chest!? Wyatt's presents of course!! In the game, when you open a big chest, special music plays. No, not nerdy music (why do you keep thinking that!?), it's just specific. We tried to time opening Wyatt's chest with the music, but, well, you'll see.

   Finally, last but certainly not least, comes Link's trusty steed, Epona. There are fewer bonds tighter than those between a warrior and his horse, and Link and Epona are no exception. In fact, Epona will run to Link in an instant, no matter how much distance separates them, if Link plays a specific song -- Epona's song. Watch!

   Did you hear everyone groan at the very end!? They all realized what a loser we're going to turn Wyatt into. They also all realized what a loser they are related to, or friends with. Hey! Go easy on Cara!! That's not nice! On a related note, Wyatt loves his horsey. He'll climb on it all by himself, stand on it, clap for himself, and then fall of it!! What fun!!

   So, that pretty much sums up the big party. I learned something throughout the evening, a really invaluable lesson: Somehow, all of our friends and family are actually "the cool kids." Those people that never played Zelda, think playing video game music during the background of a party is lame (and that people who would take the time to orchestrate said music are lame), and think I am pretty odd looking. I don't really know how that last one fits in, but it sure came up often. Still, we are thankful for our friends and family and most of all for our happy, healthy little Hero of Hyrule.
My mood: satisfied
Wyatt's mood: toys!
Listening to: Different, non-Zelda video game music.

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  1. I've given you like six hits on your blog today. Waiting for a new post, it's been a week! Is it because you don't have anything to top the birthday post? If you just post a bunch of pics that will suffice.

    Not so patiently waiting

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    2. I know I know I know I know I know. I'm so sorry, my dear friend anonymous, for the lack of free entertainment I've given you recently. Please accept this limerick as my peace offering:

      Wyatt wants the whole bed
      He'll fight for it with his head
      He'll push and fuss and kick
      As we retreat, with wounds we lick
      I am not really sure if this is a limerick

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  3. This is really awesome! I would have totally done that for my son’s birthday had I been so creative. I am just looking up ideas for his fifth birthday and this time we’re celebrating in one of the best venue New York has. If you have some suggestion, please feel free to share. God bless!