Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You're Kind Of Invited!!

   Wow! The big day is quickly approaching. On Sunday, September 23rd, little baby Wallet will turn one year old! We here at MKIS have a bunch planned for the week, so make sure you check in often. We might even update more than once every two days!!
   Cara and I were discussing birthday themes for the little guy. Ideas such as "dragons," "race cars" and "The Three Amigos" were bandied about, but the one that got her the most excited was The Legend of Zelda. I'm not kidding. It was her idea. She's never even played a Zelda game, just watched me play through two or three of them.

Yeah, we know the picture has a bit of an "Adam and Eve/Fall of Man" feel to it. Get over it.

   So on Sunday we're having everybody over!! And you're invited, if you got an invitation! If you didn't you're not!! But that's okay, because you can still experience all the fun right here! So, you are invited to come read my blog, which is an invitation I don't give to just anyone.

   This day has long been foretold. On the day he was born, September 23rd 2011, my wife made a proclamation. Almost a prophecy of sorts. Wyatt was maybe seven hours old, and Cara said "isn't it weird to think that in a year, he'll be a year old?!" My response? "No! That's not weird! That's counting!"

My mood: super excited!!
Wyatt's mood: unaware!!
Listening to: Another Zelda soundtrack

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