Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today's The Big Day!!

The party's about to start!!

   He's a year old!! The little guy has been all the way around the sun. There are no holidays he hasn't experienced (one of the advantages of being born during a calendar leap year). Our festivities are going to start in an hour or so, and I'll give you all the details on the big party when it's all said and done, but I wanted to make one quick post.
   Wyatt's not terribly camera shy, although his behavior does tend to change when he notices a camera on him. There's one main thing that he does all the time that I can never seem to get on film. He likes to take things - anything - and throw them over his shoulder. Dirt and small rocks are the most common projectiles, but he'll throw laundry and stuffed animals and smaller babies and everything.
   Well, a couple days ago, as if in honor of his birthday, he let me film it a lot. Let's watch together!!

   It's really pretty funny and adorable, as you can see. Here's another, closer one.

   Is there nothing this kid can't make cute?! I don't think so. Maybe racism.

Look at that hair!! Luckily I am a laid back, cool kinda dad that
doesn't care if it's going to take months to get the dirt out of his bed.

   The problem is, when it's all said and done his hair is basically half dirt. Even after a bath and a shower he still had dirt I couldn't get out of his long, light hair.

My mood: Happy birthday Wyatt!!
Wyatt's mood: What is going on around here?
Listening to: my final Zelda soundtrack

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