Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playtime in the Backyard!!

Look at all those apples!! I hope they taste delicious!

   Sometimes mom comes home from a long day of work and needs a nap. Sometimes mom wakes up from a long nap and needs a nap. We don't question these things. But Wyatt and I have lots of fun without her!!

   If Wy is ever stressed or upset at all, going outside almost always calms him down. He likes the change of scenery, fresh air, grass to pull and things to explore. What a little adventurer I have raised! I bet he grows up to be a logger. Anyways, we like to do all kinds of fun things!

There are some really low hanging apples he likes to hold. He won't grab them or pull or anything, just cup his hands around them. I bet he grows up to work on a farm.

Sometimes, he'll just play around the deck! Like in this really entertaining video!

   The commentary that I add is what really makes those things worth it.

   I also had a great video of us playing soccer together!! But I can't find it. sadface. I'll just have to describe it to you with words, like they used to in the olden days: There we were. The pitch freshly cut, ready for battle. Wyatt wants the ball, he runs up to it, and daddy kicks it away! This happened over and over with lots of giggles! You'd have to see it to really appreciate it!!

   Look at all the stuff you miss out on while napping, mom! I hope "making money" and "keeping insurance" is worth it. I'll leave that up to you to decide, as you make dinner.

My mood: what fun!!
Wyatt's mood: what fun!!
Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers

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