Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Can Tell That I'm A Good Bloggy, I Mean Mommy! No, Wait, Daddy!! I Meant Daddy!!

Sadly, he never pointed the hose towards his face. I was ready to turn it on and have some fun!!

   There's a lot of pressure, writing an up-and-coming blog that gets OVER THIRTY HITS PER WEEK!! With each post, I am opening up my life to the world, inviting judgement and ridicule. It's stressful, people!! Everyone forms their opinions about my parenting, my sense of style, how my home is decorated, and how big of a loser I am.

   Luckily, blogging and parenting have a lot of overlap. I mean, like any good parent, whenever I see something important happening -- be it day-to-day stuff, super cute stuff, or potentially dangerous stuff -- I do what any good parent does: I run and grab the camera.

Some light reading? Check.

Did you just wake up?! Are you really sad? Are you about to fall off the bed?
Let me grab the camera before I console you.

That basketball is as big as you are!! Good thing I was so prepared with a camera!!

Yeah, I know you've been fussy for like three minutes, but I couldn't miss a shot this good! Just be patient!

   See. I told you I was good at being a parent and a bloggy. It's obvious that I care so much about his well-being that I'd do anything to get attention from it. How else can you turn something bad into something good?

   Luckily, I also catch a few firsts, like when Wyatt really understood how a high-five works:

   (The best thing about that video? I wasn't wearing 
   any pants. In fact I'm still not.)
   What's that? You want to know what he's wearing?
   We call it his lizard cape.

My mood: happy to be so good at what I do!
Wyatt's mood: sick of the camera
Listening to: Blink-182


  1. Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers has a new reality TV show. I've decided you resemble him.


    No I do not have a crush on you

    1. Kevin?! Which one is he. Joe is the sleazy one, what's the young, talented, cool one's name? Nick? I think that's Nick. So Kevin is the old ugly one. I always felt bad for him, because all the girls loved the other two and he was just there for his last name. He never had any crushes or anything on their Disney Channel show because ILLEGAL! TOO OLD!!

      So no, of course you don't have a crush on me. I remind you of the old ugly one.

  2. With all the stories about child abuse by nannies and caretakers that one has been hearing about off late, I couldn't help but install a nanny cam to make sure my kids are safe. I tried GotoCamera's free software, which is easy to set up and even easier to use. They have a free version of their software. However, I upgraded to their Premium service, which costs about $4 a month.

    1. You are so right, actual person! Your comment, which pertains so closely to the content of this blog, assures me that you, as a real person, want what's best for my special kid. I mean, I was talking about a camera, then you talked about a camera! That's some fancy googling!