Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wyatt Loves to Help!!

You gonna use that wrench to, um, unwrentch some stuff, wy?  
   Oh man!! There's a lot of stuff to get done around the house!! Luckily, my little Wyatt has been walking for over a month now (longer than any 11 month old ever), and he's in the mood to put stuff away and help out whenever he can. What a conscientious little man I have raised! Sometimes we'll find the remotes in the bathroom, sometimes my phone is under the table, and sometimes the ziploc bags are scattered about the kitchen floor. Thanks buddy!! Right where we wanted everything! One time I found my playstation controller in the fridge!! Perfect! Now it's nice and cool for my next intense gaming session! I wish I'd thought of that!

   First off, Wyatt loves shoes. They can entertain him for like ten minutes (which is hours in baby time). He just sits calmly and quietly and plays with the laces. Sometimes I get worried about him, because I haven't seen or heard from him for a bit, while I am in my room with the door shut playing Mario (princess peach ain't gonna save herself, obviously), so I run out to check on him and he's just sitting with some tennis shoes.
Those are too big for you, silly!
   He'll sometimes gather all the loose shoes into one pile. What a helper!! We never have a missing shoe anymore, except for when he takes one of them and walks off with it, which is all the time. But his helpful instincts have other outlets as well.

   We all know how much he loves the dishwasher. But now, instead of just wanting to pull knives out of it and put them in his mouth, he wants to help clean stuff!!
I agree, Wyatt: That is a dirty book.

Thanks! You brought another, non-matching shoe for us to clean!
   What a great helper! I think it's because he always sees his daddy working so hard he feels inspired to do the same. Like when we were in the garage cleaning up, and he decided to help by eating one pile of dirt at a time.

You can tell I'm a good photographer by all of the shadows.
   Even today, as my wife was staining the deck, he wanted to do his part! So he scampers onto the deck, puts his hand in the deck stain, and starts to walk around!! Cara was screaming "Grant! Grant! Grab your son!" So, instinctively knowing what to do, I threw down my book and ran outside and grabbed him before he could eat any of that icky stuff. We washed his hands in the hose, laughed and played. He only wanted to help, mom!! She never lets him do anything.

My mood: happy to have help for a change!
Wy's mood: he wants to do more!
Listening to: Hammock Mix Volume IV

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