Saturday, June 30, 2012

He's Like A Cat!!

   I once stated that I talked to Wyatt like he's a dog, saying a lot of things like "Good boy!" and "Come 'ere boy!" and "Get your nose out of your own poo, have some respect!" That hasn't changed at all, and probably never will (the kid loves the smell of poo, and not just his own), but I've realized that he's more like a cat.
   Not only does he have lightning quick reflexes (it only takes him like three tries to grab a block, two less tries than the average nine-month-old), but he's his own master. Like a cat, he goes where he wants, when he wants, and keeps his own schedule. The only way I can really get him to come to me is if I make the equivalent sound of an electric can opener:

   He loves that dishwasher. He'd play in it all day if I'd let him, but I don't because I am a really good dad! Also, I usually only have one chin, but the camera adds two chins.
   For what it's worth, the above video was my first try. I thought I could do better, though (that one is a little long), so I shot again the next day. Boy was I wrong:

   Why didn't I put on a shirt!? I had seen the video from yesterday, so why didn't I raise the camera a little higher to hide at least one of those chins, or to make my eyelids not look like I'm high?! Why did I still have knives in the dishwasher? At least the house was clean(ish), and it's fun that Wyatt actually crawled from a long ways off (I'm pretty sure he was playing around the toilet at this time). Still, I need to get better at this whole don't-post-videos-online-that-make-you-look-pathetic thing.

   But to answer your question: yes. Wyatt and I both spent pretty much the whole morning in our underwear.

My mood: so embarassed!!
Wyatt's mood: so curious!!
Listening to: Pink Martini

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