Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby's New Bed!!

   What a waste. So, we spent all this time making a totally not creepy nursery for wyatt before he was born. We imported a crib from Holland, we tracked down pictures to put on the wall, and we painted it a lovely boy-blue color. Why did we do all of this? Apparently, so that Wyatt could sleep in his own queen sized bed in another room.

   I can't even get the entire expanse of space in one photo!

   His bed is bigger than ours!! How did this happen?! Here's how: Cara and I realized a few months ago it was easier to put him to sleep if we were laying in bed with him. Sometimes he'd sleep on us, next to us, and sometimes we'd fall asleep feeding him. We'd always do this in the spare bed in our spare room. Well, he's turned the spare bed into his bed, where he tends to sleep on me. Like in the following photo, taken moments before the previous photo:

You can't see how hard his head is digging into my chin.

   One day a few weeks ago, we crawled in bed for our mid-afternoon nap (Wyatt and I, Cara doesn't get any naps). This comes after my morning nap and just before my post mid-afternoon nap, although Wyatt no longer takes these naps. Anyways, we are sharing the bed 50/50, and in his sleep he crawls over and pushed his head into my side. I move over a little bit, now we're 65/35. He does it again, I try to rotate at an angle (74/26). He does it again. I am occupying a strip of mattress that is barely wide enough for my shoulders. He does it again, I yield and meander over to my bed, defeated. What was I thinking, sleeping in his bed?!

   He also likes to have the hammock to himself.

   What a little booger!! And also a little goober, which is subtly different.

   My mood: jealous!
   Wy's mood: kingly
   Listening to: Coldplay

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