Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bearded Daddy!!

   Oh gosh, want to know how to make Wyatt giggle? Let's just dispense with all the pleasantries and not-that-funny-text and get to the good stuff:

   Beards!! All you need is a good beard to rub his hands along. I think all dads enjoy rubbing their beards into their kids and seeing the startled, annoyed, pained expressions that come from it. I guess this makes me a dad! Finally, a landmark of some sort. Let's watch another:

   I shave about once a week or so. I can't commit to a specific facial-hair look, because I just look so good throughout the first three phases: clean shaven, five-o'clock-shadow, and movie-star beard. I really can't miss. Let me show you how good I can look with a picture or two:

   Wow, are you still reading this? I can only assume you are my mom or one of my many stalkers named Lindsay (or Lindsey or Lindz or gosh, I don't know, Lindseigh or something). Since you probably just want some more of my cute baby and me, here's a two-minute video or Wyatt and I talking to each other in the mirror!! Please pay no attention to my belly, because the camera is at like the worst possible angle!! Plus, you can't judge a person's belly after they have been a part of the birthing process!! That's just not done. Also, ignore that chin... behind... my chin. But the video has some good stuff mixed in with the, um, boring parts? No I will not learn to edit my videos!!

My mood: totally focused on my son
Wyatt's mood: laughing but why am I laughing when it's so painful?!
Listening to: Claude Debussy (no, really!)

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