Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garage Sales and Strolls!!

   I've talked about how many walks Wyatt and I take, and some of the adventures that come from them. Here's a couple quick stories from just recently.

   Lately I've been taking Wyatt on runs instead of walks!! With him in his jogging stroller, I can go almost 1200 feet without needing to catch my breath! I know because after every run I go home and google map it. Last weekend, in the midst of a crazy heat wave (it got over 90!!), we decided to go for a run in the morning. I figured it would already be hot out, so I wasn't wearing a shirt.

   I'd like you to take just a moment to picture me, a baby, a jogging stroller, and no shirt.

   As you can imagine, I get a lot of stares. I don't know why people look so intently, but I assume it's jealousy over my rocking ab. We round a corner and see a big garage sale! It's like ten in the morning, so I can't resist, maybe some good stuff is there? If you're new to this blog and are wondering who I am, I am the creepy guy at garage sales with a baby and no shirt, who looks like he ran to the sale. 
   I did not buy anything.
/end of story number one

   Cara, Wyatt and I were looking for a freezer for our garage. We'd been craigslisting for most of the day, and chased down a couple leads at garage sales. I am driving by a garage sale very slowly in our minivan, and a kid - probably seven years old - flags me down and stops me. He's just hanging out in his drive way, a few houses down from the last sale. He has a look of urgency in his eyes and gestures, so I stop. His dad is doing yardwork.
   Me: Yeah, what can I do for you?
   Kid: Would you like to buy a baseball?
           Oh, no, I don't think so, but good luck.
           What if I told you it was autrographed?
           Oh, well, who autrographed it?
           I did.
           Oh, *laughs* well, I still think we're going to pass, but good luck.
    At this point his dad called his name in a way that made it seem like this was a common thing. That he was just one of those precocious smooth-operator types. I felt like it was a scene from a sitcom. You know, that episode of Full House where Stephanie is trying to sell her toys to the creepy guy in the van without a shirt on? Just like that. Then Michelle wants in and she sells Mr. Bear and Comet probably walks by at an inopportune time or something. As I drove off the kid even said "How rude."
/end of story number two

   Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "I'd love to see a picture of this guy without a shirt on, because he sure talks about it a lot. And I hear he has rockin' ab." I won't do it! I'm still super self-conscious about my body ever since the baby came. Sure, I've lost most of the baby weight and all, but it's just different. I'm not the young heartbreaker that I once was, and that saddens me. It saddens us all.
   So now you're thinking "Well fine, can I see any pictures at all? If I wanted to go to a blog with no pictures I'd... um... well I'd do that." Good one! Yes, here is a picture:

Who on earth put on his diaper and onesie? This cannot be comfortable. Since we'll never know for sure who it was we have no choice but to assume it was Cara. For shame.

   My mood: excited!!
   Wyatt's mood: pensive
   Listening to: Mariah Carey.

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