Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Basics

   Ok, I get it!! I'm reading you loud and clear!!

   You're saying Grant, every other mommy blog I read is actually about the baby. Most of your posts center on you, your minivan, and your lack of friends. I don't care about that stuff!! It's depressing!! Show me some more of your cute baby!!

   Yeah, yeah, I get it. No one ever wants to see me any more. When I get invited to dinner parties help someone move, they always end with "can Wyatt come too?" I'm like "yeah, he can come, but he won't be helpful in the move unless you need some laundry scattered."

   So I've done some research. I've tracked down some other mommy blogs, and now I see what this is supposed to be like. Let me start fresh:


Spaghetti monster!!

   Last night, Wyatt slept the whole way through!! It was wonderful! Now I am going to detail every last moment of our day. We woke up and I breast fed him because formula is for losers and wimps and I am a good mom. Then we read seventeen Dr Suess books, went for a walk, sang some songs, and I painted him on a horse. Then we had to run some errands, so we went to the grocery store (coupons!!) and the mall (coupons!!) and then I just had to have some coffee. The funniest thing happened at Starbucks!
   I was going through the line, and the barista, Jose (no seriously that's his name!), was giving me a funny look. I hadn't met him before. He was looking at Wyatt! Well, I understand, because Wy is pretty cute. So I started to chat with him and he asks how old he is and I say ten months and he says he has a two year old at home and just wait until he's two and I say well that's really all I can do is wait and he's like what? and I say you said wait until he's two, but what else can I do? My only option is to wait and he's all like uhhhh okay. Ohmygosh he thought I was so weird.

Who's gonna eat you!?

Oh no! That is not helpful, Wyatt!!

Here's a list of things that are on my mind:
   - I wonder who Wyatt should marry and what I am doing to prepare him for his big day
   - school starts soon! For other, older kids, but still!!
   - should I be reading to him more? We only read for like 3 hours a day, and he doesn't seem to love it. Everyone says it's important to raise young readers, so I guess I better keep it up!
   - I don't arrange many play dates for Wyatt. Is he going to be socially awkward?! Maybe I should enroll him in gymnastics.
   - Wyatt's still not really talking, beyond the simple "ba-bas" and "da-das." Maybe I should send him to a specialist?
   - Why do I get so depressed right around 2:30, like every day?!
   - I need some new clothes to go with Wyatt's new clothes
   - Wy's hit his head pretty hard in his life. I hope no one judges me for this. Or for the fact that he has a black eye like every other week.
   - What's on the meal plan tonight? Spaghetti? MORE SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!
   - How much sesame street is too much sesame street? None? That's what I thought.

I don't suck my thumb, I eat it!!

I think it should be about this long.

   I put on my boot cut jeans, a flimsy red top and didn't do anything special with my hair - just washed it and towel dried it - and I started to wonder, why is it so hard to try to look nice anymore?! I guess Wyatt just can't appreciate the difference between a nice shirt and chew toy, so there's not a whole lot of point to it. It would just be so nice to feel pretty again... Sad...

   Here's a video of Wyatt and Grandpa G playing with bubbles!!

(I never said it was a cute or fun or remotely interesting video.)

My mood: contemplative
Wyatt's mood: selfish
Listening to: Colbie Callait

Okay, now was that more in line with what you had in mind?! I sure hope it was. Lots and lots of pictures and some video and some cute stuff. You can all leave me alone now.

My mood: pressured
Wyatt's mood: happy
Listening to: Norah Jones


  1. That had me literally laughing out loud and reading it alll to my sister. Our best friends just had their baby girl at 3:12 this morning...kind of in a punch drunk mood as we were there. Thanks for all the fun stuff to make the adventure of starting over with a baby around all the more exciting!!!!

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    2. Wow, I can read. Let me try again.

      Thanks, and congrats!! It's sure fun having a new baby in your life, especially when its family and close friends. Enjoy!