Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bad News Everyone...

     They aren't making The Land Before Time movies anymore!! They stopped at number 13 ("The Wisdom Of Friends"). I figured, at the rate they were going, by the time I had a kid old enough to watch them, there'd be like 34 movies or something. We could watch a new one every week for like a whole year!

What a wise, caring and noble mother. I hope to be the same.

     Sure, by The Land Before Time 20; Ice Age 4: The Re-Freezing, our intrepid gang of heroes would encounter humans who have some civilization, by the 23rd movie they'd sail on Noah's Ark, by the 28th movie they'd probably go into space or something, but it could be a wonderful, educational trek through Earth's history for Wyatt! Who knows what kind of adventures Little Foot, Ducky (who now says "Yes we can!" instead of "Yup yup yup!"), Petrie, mean triceratops girl (Sarah! How am I remembering these?) and the fat one would have had, learning about each other and themselves while avoiding sharp-tooths of a new breed (racism).
     I mean, they just released Now That's What I Call Music 81 (who has to make all those different covers?), and they plan to make six (six!!) Kung Fu Panda movies, which is an absolute dream come true, so why'd they have to bail on TLBT? They must hate children.
     At least we can always hope for new, brain-damaging episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. And Sesame Street continues to bring it.

My mood: Half disappointed, half outraged, half hungry
Wyatt's Mood: Sleeping and dreaming about new things to put in his mouth, I am sure.
Listening to: Now That's What I Call Music 3 (the best one, duh)

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  1. Okay, been a bit of a lurker since Ashley put compliments up about your "Discipline" post on Facebook. LOVIN' your blog!!!

    Had to read it out loud to John just now...and it cracks me up that the time this was posted was 4:36am.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud!