Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strangers In The Park

     One of the best things about having a little baby is all of the smiles and friendly hellos that come from strangers everywhere. Whenever we go into the store, or for a walk in the stroller (which we do four times a day, no matter what, and usually it's more like seven times) people are always stopping to take a look and say what a beautiful baby my wife and I make.
     Today Wyatt and I were strolling through the nice neighborhood that shares a street with my neighborhood. As I walked by the park, there were three elderly ladies coming the other direction. They stopped to look and coo over the baby. "What a happy little boy!" one of them says. "What a handsome face!" another exclaims.
     "Oh, you'll grow into those ears someday, Wyatt" the third woman says. She has a smile on her face, but she is judging him.
     Then she looks over at me and finishes her thought.
     "Your dad did."

     "You'll grow into those ears someday, Wyatt. ... Your dad did."

You're looking at his ears, aren't you. Jerk.

     I guess they do kind of stick out. I guess mine did. But still, he's so adorable!! I think he's the most adorable.

     We're never going outside around the awful people again.

     My Mood: Self Conscious
     Wyatt's Mood: Reacting to my self consciousness
     Listening to: REM

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