Sunday, January 22, 2012

Punch Drunk

     It's 8:00 am. Cara asks me to go get the baby from his crib. I'm tired and feel loopy, my vision is blurry. I stumble into the nursery, grab the baby, and head back to our room, trying in vain to piece together the events from last night.
     I can't do it.
     So I ask Cara for help.

     "Did you get him last night?"
     "So, did he sleep through the night?!"

     Tonight around 6:00 there will be a party at my house. It is in celebration of this joyous, momentous occasion. Not since Cara took Wyatt to her parents' house like 3 months ago have I slept through the night. And not since ever has Wyatt slept through the night. I would like you all to join in our excitement.
     I also plan to throw parties for the first time he grabs his own pacifier and puts it in his own mouth, for when he is potty trained, and for when he moves out of the house. But I do love him, really.

     Wyatt's cousins came over to play!! They are about three years old and, I dunno, 7 months old? We love having a house full of babies and family, there's something cute happening all the time!! They stayed the night, and it was weird hearing a baby cry at night but not having it be mine. It's nice to know there are other people in the world suffering like me.
     Whenever Wy's cousins come over we have kids shows on all the time. By "kid's shows," I don't mean Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb or Power Rangers (though I do look forward to that time in our lives), but shows where people move very slowly and rarely, everyone faces the screen and talks super clearly, and there are always lessons about responsibility and safety and making friends. I feel like I am learning a lot.

     Wyatt is getting so big! I looked at him last night and realized that he's not a tiny infant any more! People always say to me "they grow up so fast" and "you blink and there in school" and "please don't eat all the pie this time," but I always ignored them. Now I see that they are right! Wow.

No pictures in this one!!

My mood: groggy yet refreshed
Baby's mood: still sleepy!
Listening to: theme songs of kids shows are running through my head

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