Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adorable Little Baby

The sucking phase. Is there a sucking phase? It should probably
be renamed so it doesn't sound so, um, derogatory.

     My son has picked up a new, precious little skill. No, not farting. Farting is hilarious, not adorable.
     A couple days ago I'd open up my hand and put it in front of his face. He'd slowly, methodically, pick a finger and try to grab it. Once he grabbed a finger (usually my pointer finger or pinky, which are definitely two of my best three fingers) he'd pull it towards his mouth to suck on it or chew it with his super-weird-feeling gums. Coordination! Not a Gilchrist strength, so I am glad he is working on it early.
     (If you're curious, I am pretty sure Gilchrist strengths boil down to sarcasm and self-deprecation)

He just wants to work those gums! If only dad had any sort
of nutrient or valuable asset to provide besides dirty fingers.

     What was super cute, though, was when he would pull it towards his mouth, sometimes he'd miss. My finger would hit the corner of his mouth and sometimes square in his cheek. It's like he knew it was in the wrong spot, but couldn't fix it. It was so cute!!
Blurry, but you get the idea.

     But what was EVEN CUTER, was when he'd pull my finger towards his mouth, and as it got closer and closer, he'd turn from my finger to his little fist and suck on his fist. My finger would be centimeters from his mouth, he'd still be staring at it, but he'd start sucking on his own fist. I don't even know if he knew the difference! So adorable.

It was even CUTER than this looks!

     Also, here's a picture of us being adorable together. Well, at least I am.

He's sleeping in his favorite sleeper, which is called "snugglesaurus."
I didn't name it, it actually says that on the label. It is aptly named.

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