Monday, January 9, 2012


     We walk in circles! We sing songs! You yawn over and over! You drink from the bottle (the good kind)!! You lay down and suck on that pacifier! Why on earth won't you fall asleep!?

     I know what you're thinking. You're thinking of course he's not asleep, you took a picture of him with the flash while he was in the crib!! Well you're wrong! It's the other way around! He was already awake and acting like and angel! I might as well take a picture!! Don't you see now!
     You might also be thinking It's only like 1:00, based on your timestamp up there. Get over it! Or maybe, perhaps more accurately, you might thinking If he's awake, why on earth are you writing a blog post?! Get off my case! I'm tired! Finally, you are probably thinking Wow you use italics a lot!! Well played.

Baby's mood: stubborn
My mood: sleepy and frustrated!!
Listening to: The Dixie Chicks

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