Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Need a Photographer?

     I've always been a HUGE fan of photography. It was my dream to grow up to be a photographer for National Geographic, or a Marine Biologist, or a famous singer or dancer or actor, or something equally exciting and adventurous. But wouldn't you know it, I got married, had a kid and settled down. Adventure won't come to my door anytime soon.
     But dreams don't have to die! I have decided to start my own little cottage photography business!! I'm so excited. To be a good photographer, all you need is a camera, right? Well I've got two! One on my phone and one that's just a camera!

     What's my first subject going to be? Well, Wyatt of course!! We'll start with some themes, like, "working around the house"

What a man!

Sleep is work, mama! (FYI: It's blurry on purpose! It's more artsy that way! If there are any pictures that come out blurry - or out of center, or with my thumb in the way - you probably just don't get what I am trying to say about society.)

(Oh! Also! I learned how to do a "jump," or "break," where more great stuff comes later on! Check it out!! This is where I say something like "Hit the jump to see my other styles!!" Unless you are already at the jump, then this looks out of place, I guess.)

All of this segways perfectly into my strength: interiour design (spelled all fancy!) (note: I refuse to ever write the word "segue" in an actual sentence, because you see that and think "segooie")

We can do cute:

Or devastatingly modern, clean and simple:

Wait, no wires? Anywhere? And how is the tv just floating there?
And how can I get that gold-based light fixture!?

Or devastatingly classy:

The computer, and plant, really sell this one
     I could go on, but I'll keep this short. I am also quite proficient in nature shots and artsy-fartsy shots, which I will combine here:

Persimmons in the fall. Makes you think, doesn't it? 

I call this "Child of Excess," a take on the American Dream, obviously. PS: I will be
demanding royalties from all identifiable candy bars. That's how that works, right?
"Persimmons in Winter" 

I call this one "My Dad Was Selling a Gun On Craigslist." 'Nuff said.

And allow me to present "Grandis et reste fort." Or, "Big and Rest Strong"
... so, I feel like this getting away from me a bit at this point. But, here's what you need to hang on to: I am a freaking great photgrapher. I can do babies, living rooms, pictures where you hold the camera far away but pointed towards yourself, and persimmon trees. So, if you need anything, let me know! 

I don't do weddings, events, parties, or engagement photos. I charge $40 per hour (minimum four hours) and a base fee of $25, plus $2 for every mile travelled. I can't wait! Make checks out to "Dreamspace Unlimited," unless I can think of a better company name.

I am more than just a housewife!!

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