Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Follow Me!!

     Today was just another day in paradise, watching the little baby for HOURS while he cries, fusses, squirms and poops.
     Some people think I write this blog for attention, or because it's a cry for help, but no! I think the world needs to know how amazing my little son is. There are things about him that make him unique, like the fact that he once beat me in a staring contest. I never lose staring contests. I once beat a stuffed elk. How did he do that?! Because he's extraordinary, so I need to document it.
     So no, I don't need you to "like" this blog, or click the links to the right and "follow" it or become a "member." I don't need you to "validate" me in that way. Being a stay-at-home-dad-while-my-wife-supports-the-family is validating enough.
      But, if you want to know when I update, or, um, maybe some other things, then become a member! It would sure make me happy!! I just want to know how many people actually read this and like me and want to be my friend. Just click the links on the right.
     Also, you might see some creepy little ads popping up in the near future... Heh...

How can you say no to this precious little newborn face?

My mood: insecure
Baby's mood: really wants you to become a member of this blog!!!
Listening to: Nothing so the baby sleeps

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