Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We're Learning Some New Skills!

     Lots of stuff has happened in the past few days. First, we got our first legitimate giggle out of Wyatt!! We were laying in bed - baby, mommy and daddy - and mom and I were laughing hard and for a long time at mom. She's kind of ridiculous. After a while Wyatt joined in and let out a loud, clear giggle!! It was probably the most precious thing that has ever happened!! Angels cried and puppies danced all over the world. I'm glad he knows that it's always okay to laugh at someone else when that person is an absolute crazy face.

     The next day, while mommy was at work bud daddy was also working taking of the baby because it's like a job too but maybe even more important, Wyatt hit another milestone. He's been grabbing and pulling and pushing everything he can get his little nails on (when is she going to cut those?!) for a while now, but this time something different happened. I was giving him the bottle, he put both hands around it, and then he held it there on his own!! For a few seconds! I was able to let go and he was still able to drink!! It was so fun.

Got a quick pic with my cellphone, so it's a bit blurry

     I'm a little worried about how much Wyatt enjoys watching TV or staring at computer screens. It's nice because it calms him down, but I feel like it's a bad sign. Still, maybe it would be different if we didn't spend all day watching Netflix, sitting in one spot.

Wyatt and mommy playing a computer game while I cook and clean probably

     And, in my never-ending-quest to stay young and attractive, we've brought an exercise bike into the living room, mostly because that's classy. So now I can workout while taking care of the baby AND playing on my Playstation!! Multi-tasking is the essence of true parenthood.

That is a cry of excitement. Also, notice how
my legs are moving so fast they're blurry!! Way
to go, dad! You're an inspiration to us all.

My mood: cleaning cleaning cleaning and cleaning
Baby's mood: bored
Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers

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