Friday, January 6, 2012

My Best Baby-Having Advice

     To all of you potential, soon-to-be first time moms out there like myself. Please, please heed this advice:

     Netflix Instant.

     It is the most valuable, important, life-and-sanity saving thing you can do to prepare for having a baby. Don't worry about diapers and cribs, or fomulas and bottles, or asking yourself "How early is too early to start spanking?" The answer is 4 months. Four months is too early.
     No, just make sure you have some sort of medium to entertain yourself without needing to change DVDs manually.

     You will spend so much time sitting in one place while you feed, rock, or just trying to keep that baby asleep while precariously perched on your still-not-flat belly that you can't move. And television is no good during the day. Even the internet requires too much mouse-moving.

     Get Netflix Instant.

     I have watched so much TV on Netflix in the past two years four months that I think I am a wonderful source of knowledge for shows that are worth watching. I thought I'd compile them in a list. I'll be adding to it and updating it as I find more, and feel free to suggest shows to me as well, but consider this your one stop for the best television on Netflix.

     It's posted over there. Under pages.

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