Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Sniffles :(

     Wy hasn't been sleeping great these past few nights. He has a cold and his nose is all stuffed. When he is trying to sleep he sounds like it's hard to breath and it makes me sad.

     But!! Today was a nice day so we went for a walk, then sat outside and read, and then went for a walk in another neighborhood until mommy got off work! He was really calm and happy and able to breath just fine. (I know you check this blog just to hear about my baby's moods).

Wyatt's chair is both more comfy and more
expensive than mine. And it vibrates! Not fair!!

This was the only jacket I could find to put him in, and it's waaaaay to big! I hope no one things I'm a bad parent!

We saw the weirdest thing on our second walk. We drove to a different neighborhood to take in the sights, and guess what we saw!? Wyatt actually pointed it out to me. It looks like a box cutter that was pressed into the road when it was being made. It's like an imprint or a fossil of a time long forgotten. What a fun adventure we had!!

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