Monday, August 5, 2013

Camping At The Beach!!

   I'm on a never ending quest to make you think my life is exciting and glamorous. I've talked about spending a month in Montana, 4th of July at a lake house with terrifying kids, and a full day's worth of adventure. In fact, I haven't updated my blog in like a week to make you think "Wow he sure must be busy!! No time for blogging!"

   Now I'm going to share just the good parts and none of the bad parts about our camping trip to the beach!! I'm even going to call it "the beach" even though every Oregonian ever calls it "the coast" because "the beach" makes it sound like it is actually warm and fun and it never is.

   But we had a great time!! Wyatt absolutely adores sand and water. They are honestly his two favorite things besides his dad, the garbage-man, and ruining everything all the time. So while mom napped under a towel (nope! not kidding about that!), dad and Wyatt frolicked, laughed, splashed and dug. Look!!

Feeding dad sand

Feeding mom sand

A bucket of just-eaten sand


   Once we'd had our fill of the beach (and we were there for hours), we decided to go make camp. Camping at a legitimate campsite is something pretty new to me. We rarely, if ever, did it when I was young. It was always out in the wilderness after a 92-hour drive, or a 92-hour hike. So, things like a picnic table, toilet, running water and fire pit with wood seem a little weak sauce to me. At least, they did. Now I'm all for the ease of car camping and the wimpyness that comes with being at a campground with like 400 other people and a park.
I chose to pack by literally throwing everything in the back of the manlyvan. Like, no suitcases or boxes or bags, just a bunch of stuff.
   Again, Wyatt just ran and played and refused to sleep.

   Cara, on the other hand, was all decked out in her 80's-action-film-extra, army-surplus, future-modeling-career outfit.

She's resting before the big tournament. And also a manlyvan features heavily in the plot.

   She had a training montage and a nemesis and everything!! We have some worse pictures of her than the one above, but I'd like to stay married so I am keeping them to myself. And some of my closest friends who have gmail accounts. And also I'll probably put them online in a few months anyways.

   Wyatt loves to camp. He likes exploring and being dirty and having other people tell him how adorable he is, which happens all the time. Like, seriously, too much. Back off people. The campground had a huge, fun playground, and he keeps on getting braver and braver, which simultaneously makes me more and more nervous. Watch where he ended up:

   Wow!! What a great video!! Of the whole 43 seconds, I bet you only felt like 41 of them were a complete waste of your time. But little Wyatt is just so special that you needed to see that.
   The best thing about camping, however, is how well he sleeps. He sleeps really well in tents, and on the ground. He also sleeps well on the couch, the carpet, on a single pillow, in his carseat or stroller, and after being heavily medicated. I don't even know why we put him in his bed anymore.

   That's all!! I'm off on another great adventure today and definitely not reorganizing the kitchen!!

My mood: organizey
Wy's mood: contented
Cara's mood: montagey
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