Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect Day!!

Let's go daddy!!

   I had no idea that having a kid could let me have this much fun so soon! For so long, it was just walks and boring books and changing diapers and feeding and scheming for ways to get Cara to do everything. Now, though, now there is exploring and learning and growing and diapers (yeah that one's still there).

   In high school, my buddy Jered-with-two-e's and I spent countless summer days doing the same few things: eating cereal, playing video games, biking to the fountain, floating the river, swimming at camp Harlow, going to a thrift store and turning down the ladies left and right. It was a problem. Like, "Girls! I want to get to know you for who you are, and I refuse to date more than one of you at a time!" We had several perfect days that involved all of those things.

Well, guess what Wyatt and I did today...

Bike to the river?! Check.

I know you are thinking "Where on earth is his life jacket!?" It's okay, crazy person! It's one of those invisible ones that you can't see but totally works.

Bike to the Fountain?! Check.

(he never actually got in the fountain, just got his feet and hands any my phone wet. Baby steps. Is that cliche? I think that's cliche. Get over it.)

Cereal?! Check (not pictured)

Thrift Store?! No. (not pictured)

Beating off ladies?! Yes. But it's not the same. Before, it was cheerleaders and soccer players and girls that were clearly in college. Now it's moms and grandmas, and they know that Wy's just the cutest! and the best! and what a big boy! and lookatthoscutelittlecheeks...! Come on ladies!! I'm getting sick of this!! I thought I got that point across in highschool! I need some space!!

We also played in the park.

He even fell in the water twice!! From the edge, he just got his bum wet, so don't freak out on me. You tend to do that.

By the end of the day he was tired, a little sun burnt and super happy.
I took this picture while riding my bike. Kidding!! No I'm not!! I actually did!!

We had a great day and lots of fun. Someone should make a children's book out of it. Looking at you, Sean. Best part of all? He slept great.

My mood: tired, drained, but super content
Wyatt's mood: tired, drained, ready for more tomorrow
Listening to: Pumped Up Kicks

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