Saturday, August 10, 2013


   Did you know that we went to yellowstone?! You didn't!? Well let me tell you all about it!!

   When I say "let me tell you about it" what I mean is "here are some pictures and let's get out of here." I'm not going to share the park's wondrous history or any facts about wolves (of which I have many. I freaking love wolves. I hope to own one someday. I know no one can "own" a wolf because a) not for sale, and b) they are too dang proud and majestic, I just mean that I hope we mutually respect one another and can go on walks and watch Phineas and Ferb together.)
   No, I'll just show you our pictures and move on. I mean, there's some trees and some animals and some hot water and it smells like eggs, but you aren't coming here for a review of wildlife and ecosystems. You're coming here because you are one of my students and my students get extra credit for writing essays about my blog. Let's go!!

   We'll start with Wyatt's favorite place: The ... uh ... the hotel pool we stayed at on the drive ...

   He had lots of fun blowing bubbles, riding that floaty board like a surfboard, and splashing around. We won't show any videos, because daddy's belly is a bit too big.

   Now on to the good stuff!!

Yes yes yes we all know she's too pretty for me. Let's just move on.

You can thank Cara for all of these great photos. They look like they belong on the cover of a pamphlet. With the title "Mother's Milk Is Best Milk" or something.

   Pro tip: When you see your first buffalo - a mile away, all by itself, walking in a field - don't stop and take pictures of it. Don't get out your binoculars. Don't wonder if it'll come closer. You are going to see trillions of these things. There will be a herd that hangs out next to your car and blocks the street for 45 minutes. You're just going to look like an idiot and a rookie when you stop for a plain old buffalo by itself.
   On our first day we stared at one for like 15 minutes. By the 4th day we didn't even slow down unless they were running, and we mocked everyone who pulled over for anything less than a wolf.

The obligatory Old Faithful geyser picture

   We didn't see any wolves, moosen, or bighorn. Wolves are my favorite animal and I love them so that was sad for me. Have I told you about my love for wolves?! Yellowstone is great for seeing wild life and for smelling like eggs. It's one of the most unique geographical features in the world, and you can explore it all by car!! Perfect!!

My mood: feeling adventurous
Wyatt's mood: feeling entitled
Listening to: Sam Cooke

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