Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every Day Is Another Miracle

     I've started to notice that all of the adorable, precious things that Wyatt began to do for the first time have become commonplace. The first time he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his mouth, I thought it was wonderful. Now when he grabs something I just expect it to end up in his mouth. The only thing cute about it is that he seems to think that his mouth is a magical space that will solve all of his problems. (Is he right?!)

     But then I got clever. I noticed that his xylophone is played with a... stick... with a... ball... on the end of it. A stickball thing. I bet he likes the stickball thing. I bet this gets interesting.

     Well, I'll let you be the judge of whether or not it's interesting. But, there's lots to watch!

     We start with his first exposure to the... stickball thing.

     What is that? How can I get that in my mouth? I am pretty sure those are the only two questions he ever asks of anything. I should grunt my fascination a couple of times.

     He tries again:

     He actually put it a bit too far into his mouth there at the end. But since I am such a good parent and in no way irresponsible for doing this in the first place, I pulled it out as soon as I got a good shot.

   Since him getting the ball in his mouth was lucky, I wanted to see if he'd learned or developed any strategies. I actually have like four more videos of his different stages, but I don't want to seem crazy! And, um, google won't let me load them all!! So we'll skip to his final success!!

     What fun! The same night that Wy had this new learning experience (he gets smarter every day, just like his daddy!) he also had his first bite of solid food!

     Ha! You can tell he's all like whoa what is this and then like sure, I'll put it in my mouth, that's my thing and then he's all uh I don't know if I like this, and also what do I do with my tongue? and then he's like whoa totally I'll have some more.
     Sadly, the camera ran out of digital before the best part. On the next bite he stuck his hand out and grabbed the spoon towards his mouth like he wanted it real bad. He loved it! And to think that without the magic of technology you wouldn't be able to fully experience how amazing my son is! And thus what a great parent/gene carrier I am!

     Who knows what Wyatt will do next!? Crawl? Stand? Walk!? Not necessarily in that order?! Talk? Sing? Tell jokes? Or maybe just scratch every thing in sight. (He's kind of like a cat in that sense). I'm just so glad that you'll be able to witness it, how lucky for you.

     You might be thinking: "How can you have time to make such a long, thorough, totally fascinating blog post?! Don't you have a job?" My son is my job. I wish someone would tell that to my wife! She comes home and is like "why is the baby crying in another room on the floor while you are typing on the computer?! and I am like THIS IS IMPORTANT! I CAN CLEAN AND DO THE DISHES LATER!!!

     Wyatt's mood: sleeping after a busy day!
     My mood: so proud!
     Listening to: U2

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