Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking to Profit

     Does anyone have any connection with the liberal media elite, or really anyone in the media? I am wanting to start earning some cash from my adorable baby. I mean, all of you are always telling Cara and I what a cute baby he is. And then you are careful to say "and I'm not just saying that, because sometimes there are some ugly babies that I think are cute, but yours is actually cute."
     Well, I agree! I think Wyatt could make a great Gerber model, or even the next baby!


Baby Exercises
(I think he actually ate some of the grass. He didn't seem to like it.
I don't know why this is in parentheses, let's pretend like it's a secret.)

     If there's any chance that I can make money off of this (because that's clearly not going to happen through this blog), than you let me know. I only want what's best for him!!!

     The other day I laid him down on his belly, and when I checked in on him again a few hours later just a little bit later, he had rotated on his belly! He is able to twist over 180 degrees! What fun!

My mood: anxious
Wyatt's mood: earthy
Listening to: Outkast

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