Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Dreary Day in Paradise

     It's grey out. I'm home alone with the baby. He didn't sleep great last night and doesn't seem tired today. He just wants to be held (who doesn't?).
     What else is there to do when you're bored and it's about to rain? Shopping!!

     ... for groceries!!!

     .... boring, healthy groceries!!

Bananas, oatmeal and apples. I forgot to get lettuce and yogurt. And I forgot to kill myself.
     Of course, we can't go out looking anything but fantastic. So, we just threw on any old clothes, Wyatt and I.

Extra! Extra! Read all about the adorable newsie baby!
     This outfit of his has a little too much blue for my taste, but it's hard for us to find pants that fit him and look good. People love that hat, and his little polo collars are pretty killer too.

     I am unable to wear my favorite jeans that make my butt look so good, because they tore while bending down to pick up a pacifier riding my exercise bike moving that box of dumb-bells by myself.

Rest In Peace Favorite Jeans Besides The Other Jeans I Tore A Few Months Ago

     So, instead I put on sweats. It wasn't a head turner, but dang was I comfortable!!!

At 4 months
      I just want that baby to take a nap so I can do some grading, clean the kitchen and watch Ellen. It's like she's talking directly to me.

     Come over and play with us!!

     My mood: blah
     Wyatt's mood: blah blah
     Listening to: Buble

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