Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In Need of New Jeans

     I have ripped the ass bottom of two pairs of jeans in the past two months (we don't say bad words around the little one). Two! I only own three pairs! I've found that when I hold Wyatt and need to pick up something off the floor, I have to do that mommy-squat that is a jean ripper.

     I don't know what to do about it! Finding jeans that fit me is hard, because it involves going to a store and trying on jeans. This is something I was loathe to do before there was a human life depending on me for survival. I don't understand why, when my wife gets off work tonight, she can't just run over to a couple of stores and find loose, comfortable jeans that fit me and won't tear when I inhale.

     Changing gears, Wyatt is so close to crawling! When I lay him on his belly he can rotate about 120 degrees, on a pivot!! He will see something in the distance that he wants to put his mouth on (don't we all), and will try to move towards it! It's super exciting! Bahh!!! Soon I'll have to tie a leash around his waist.

My mood: hungry hungry hippo.
Wyatt's mood: sleepy sleepy baby
Listening to: Third Eye Blind

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