Monday, February 13, 2012

Eating the Lion

     Well everyone, Wyatt is handsier than ever!! We wish that he would spend most of his nights like this:  

by which I mean sleeping or at his grandpa's. Or both. But, when he isn't sleeping like an angel with nightmares, he's getting more and more active every day!!
     When we put him in his chair and have some dangles for him to play with, he is much more interested in them today than he was a couple of weeks ago.
He's always aware of the camera!! It's
tough to get a good, candid shot.

He loves to eat the lion, which I think means he's going to be a fighter and not a lover. Just like his daddy.
Doing his best Chip Kelly, side-of-the-mouth grin.
     Just look at what a good time that happy little baby is having!! It's just too cute for words!! He tries to crawl on his belly when I put things he wants just out of reach. He can't do it, but he tries.

     Couple all of that activity with the cooing and talking he's doing, and every day couldn't be more precious!! 

Wyatt's mood: energetic!!
My mood: Trying to finish blogging before I do some math tutoring!!
Listening to: Music from Final Fantasy 6 (it counts as classical, so it's good for the sleeping baby!! Don't judge me!)

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