Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The King of Eugene

     Sometimes I stop to take a look at baby Wallet. (We call him baby Wallet sometimes because his almost-three-years-old cousin can't seem to say "Wyatt"). He sure is getting big! He can do all sorts of fun things now. He makes sounds all day long, which never gets old!! He can squeeze my fingers so tight that I can lift him up to a sitting position by his hands. He can sit up... until he falls backwards. And last night we learned how to make him giggle!!

     In the video above I am playing peekaboo with him. He hadn't really ever responded to it before, but this time each peekaboo built up a bigger reaction until he was laughing at each one. I think it is very important that you understand one thing: his mom wasn't nearly as good at it as I was.

     At our baby shower last summer, a friend of mine got Wyatt what I call his Newsie outfit. It's pretty much your standard fare, classic 1920's getup. Well, Wyatt had finally grown big enough that he fit into it, and we had him wear it to church.

     It. was. madness.
     Usually Wy gets a lot of attention for being so gosh-darn-adorable and for being the pastor's grandson. But this time, with that little hat and sweater? There was a crowd. People couldn't get enough of it. Later I took him to the grocery store and people would stop what they were doing to look and comment on the little boy. Workers would say "are you finding everything ohmygosh that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!" I even got a free sample of ribs and sausage out of it (and no, I wasn't at Costco, so I don't think they were free anyways). I've got to find some way to capitalize on this.

My mood: Ready for a break
Wyatt's mood: Wanting to talk
Listening to: Adelle

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