Thursday, May 9, 2013

Terrifying Video!!

He really wants those chips. Will he get them! Read on to find out!

Wyatt got the chips! Watch what happens, I am quite sure it is the worst thing ever. So far.

   First of all, let me explain. That music. It was part of the ending credits to Wreck-it-Ralph.  That Japanesey music isn't normally playing in our house. If I am going to listen to Japanese music, it is going to be soundtracks to video games. Also, I thought Gwen Stefani was singing that song for the longest time, because she strikes me as an artist that would do that sort of thing, but no.
   But, getting back to the point here, did you see that?! He was able to roll a chair into position under the counter, climb on the chair, and climb on the counter. He can now, reasonably, get on to our kitchen counter at will. That's the worst thing ever, so far. Yes, he's a year-and-a-half. Yes, we keep knives up there. Yes, sometimes I'll work with raw meat and eggs and leave them lying around. Yes, I know you aren't actually asking any of these questions.
   Also, yes, I know I could just move the chair somewhere safer, and I have. But I think we can all agree at this point that when Wyatt does finally fall hard and hit his head, we'll only have Cara to blame because she's working so much! It's like, be home watching your kid! It's not fair to him that his mom is gone working all the time and his dad is gone hammocking all afternoon! Pull it together!

(True story: while writing this he climbed on our air-conditioner. And he isn't wearing a shoe (don't know how that happened) The air conditioner isn't running or anything but HOLY CRAP!)

 My mood: nervous and frustrated, but proud
Wyatt's mood: mostly just happy to have chips
Listening to: Owl City's Wreck-It-Ralph Song

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