Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playing In The Sink!!

Look at him! He looks like a little man! A little man with.. a... lazy eye? Should I get that looked at?

   The four sinks in our house represent Wyatt's four favorite places in our house. He could spend hours flicking water, dumping and pouring water from one cup to another pot, splashing and dripping. And when I say "He could spend hours" what I really mean is "He spends hours."

   Why do I let him do this? Well, there are lots of reasons. The main reason is obviously "Because it's best for him," I am sure, for some reason. Don't ask me to justify that statement.
   But other reasons include "Why not?" and "It lets me nap on the floor" and "He's not doing any harm!" Now you could respond to each of those reasons in order by saying "It wastes water and costs money," "Wait, what?!" and "Yes he is! Your counters are water logged," and you'd probably be right. But let's look at some other pros:

   One of the biggest benefits to his sink-loving nature is that he likes to brush his teeth. I feel like I am not doing that enough justice, so let me try again. He likes to brush his own teeth. Do you have any idea how hard it is to brush a 19-month-old's teeth?! Of course you don't. Neither do I. I've never tried because I'm sure it's really hard. But he'll do it on his own! It's not really "brushing" as you might define it, because all he really does is get the brush wet and then suck the water out of it, but we'll call that good for now.
   (No, don't freak out, I don't give him regular toothpaste, I know it's bad for him to ingest it. I just put that in his left hand for the photo op, but the brushing is legit.) (Also, holy crap what is toothpaste made out of?! I can't stand the stuff, which is why I only brush my teeth like twice a week, but it DISGUSTS ME. Cara knows not to ever ever talk to me (or be in my sight) when brushing her teeth because I'd like to still find her attractive in the future and that'd be impossible if I ever saw her with that... stuff... near her face. Ugh. And don't even get me started on deodorant.

   And when he's in the sink and makes a mess, he cleans them up! Let me stress that too, HE CLEANS UP HIS OWN MESSES!! Look!

   This is not a joke and totally real. He'll spill water on the floor, and when I put him on the ground after he's played enough, he gets on his hands and knees and laps up the water. He loves drinking water from toothbrushes and washcloths and the floor and puddles and pretty much anywhere but his bottle. Just today Cara spilled some lemonade on the table, so I picked Wyatt up and he and I lapped it together. I don't know where he gets this skill from, but it might have something to do with the fact that I clean up pretty much all liquid spills by just drinking it myself. (By the way, that banana in the picture was... um... not just left there from earlier in the day.)

This is the fourth outfit he's worn in these pictures, so you know this must happen a lot. Also, yes, I do consider a shirt without pants to be an outfit, thank you.

   Look how happy he is! It's like he wants to take a bath! Did you hear that?! HE WANTS TO TAKE A BATH when it's in the sink. That's why we have him in his Ninja Turtle "So Fresh and So Green" shirt, too (okay, I just realized that if you are reading this and aren't in the age range of 25 - 30, you probably have no idea why that "So Fresh and So Green" shirt relates to taking a bath. Sorry, deal with it.)
   Okay, I'm sure you'd like to see some moving pictures of him playing in the sink, so here you go. Just make sure you know this in advance: This video is like two minutes long and literally nothing happens. I want to stress this point, because apparently that's my thing now: NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS VIDEO. He'll splash some water, drop a rock, look around, that's it. I haven't even seen the whole thing because it's so dang boring. In fact, I saved it to my desktop as "boring sink video." You might as well just go watch the video from my last post where I am shirtless because you know you'd like to see that again. But the fact of the matter is, he's stinking cute, and I might want to watch this in like twenty years and I'll need Wyatt to figure out how to convert old "web" videos into the more common "mind projection" format used in the future. Anyways, here's this, I guess.

   Funny story about that rock in that cup. He brought it in from the front yard one day, like 6 months ago, and just took it to the bathroom. He'd take baths with it and leave it there like a bath toy. One day he dropped it in the toilet, so when I walked into the restroom I saw this:

   You won't believe what I thought it was when I saw it! Think you know!? I'll tell you anyways. My first thought was "Did Cara put a pickle in the toilet!? What?! Can you believe it? A pickle! That's crazy! Ha!

My mood: A pickle!
Wyatt's mood: clean and wet!
Listening to: Outkast

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